Tickmill Rebates

Tickmill has carved out a strong position in the competitive landscape of forex and CFD brokers by offering a robust rebate program aimed at enhancing the trading experience and reducing costs for traders. This comprehensive overview will delve into Tickmill’s rebate program, exploring its features, benefits, and how it differentiates from the offerings of other brokers, providing a clear understanding of why it might be an excellent choice for traders looking to maximize their trading potential.

Introduction to Tickmill

Tickmill is a well-established broker that has been providing forex, CFDs, indices, commodities, and bond trading services since 2014. Known for its transparent pricing, tight spreads, and high-speed execution, Tickmill serves both institutional and retail clients from various parts of the world. Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), Tickmill offers a secure trading environment.

What is a Rebate Program?

A rebate program in the context of online trading is an incentive where traders are given a portion of their transaction fees back. This usually takes the form of a cash payment based on the volume of trades executed. Rebate programs are designed to encourage higher trading volumes by effectively reducing the cost per trade.

Tickmill’s Rebate Program Explained

Tickmill’s rebate program is structured to cater to all types of traders, from novices to seasoned professionals. The program rewards traders by giving them a rebate for each lot they trade. Here's how it works:

Enrollment: Traders must sign up for the rebate program, usually through an easy registration process available on Tickmill’s website.

Trade Execution: As traders execute trades, they accumulate rebates based on the total number of lots traded.

Rebate Calculation: The rebate amount is calculated at the end of a predefined period, typically monthly.

Payment: The accumulated rebate is credited to the trader’s account and can be used for trading or withdrawn with no restrictions.

Features of Tickmill’s Rebate Program

Simplicity and Transparency: The rebate program at Tickmill is straightforward and clear, with no hidden rules or complex structures. The conditions are clearly outlined on their website.

Competitive Rebate Rates: Tickmill offers competitive rates in its rebate program, which can significantly enhance the profitability of high-volume traders.

No Minimum Volume Requirements: Unlike some brokers that require a minimum trading volume to qualify for rebates, Tickmill’s program does not impose such restrictions, making it accessible to all traders.

Benefits of Tickmill’s Rebate Program

Cost Reduction: Every rebate received is a direct reduction in trading costs. This can make a notable difference in the net outcome of trading activities, especially for frequent traders.

Enhanced Trading Strategy: With reduced trading costs, traders can afford to execute strategies that might otherwise be less viable due to cost constraints.

Increased Trading Volume: As trading becomes more cost-effective, traders might feel encouraged to increase their trading volume, potentially leading to higher profitability.

Loyalty and Retention: By rewarding traders for their activity, rebate programs like Tickmill’s foster loyalty and encourage long-term relationships with traders.

Comparing Tickmill’s Rebate Program with Competitors

Tickmill's rebate program stands out in several ways when compared with similar offerings from other brokers:

Higher Rebate Rates: Tickmill often provides higher rebate rates than some of its competitors, offering better value for the trading volumes.

Flexibility: The absence of minimum volume requirements and restrictions on how rebates can be used provides greater flexibility for traders.

Speed of Payment: Tickmill processes rebate payments promptly at the end of each qualifying period, ensuring that traders can access their funds quickly.

Real-World Examples and Impact

Consider a trader who trades 500 lots in a month on EUR/USD. With a rebate of $2 per lot, the trader would receive $1,000 back at the end of the month. This rebate not only offsets the costs of trading but also boosts the trader’s overall profitability.


Tickmill’s rebate program offers an excellent opportunity for traders to reduce trading costs and increase profitability. Its simplicity, combined with competitive rates and a trader-friendly policy, makes it an attractive option for both new and experienced traders. As the trading landscape becomes more competitive, programs like Tickmill’s rebate not only provide monetary benefits but also enhance the overall trading experience, ensuring traders can operate with optimal efficiency and increased potential for success.

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